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I am happy to announce our new venue for FRIDAY Night's Karaoke is the "Harbour Terrace Bar and Grill" at Hillary's Harbour in Sorrento. This attractive venue is a large opened space room with a big stage, scenic views of the ocean and an outdoor area to relax and smell the ocean air! The generous … Read more


Malaga Markets have decided to run another singing competition and put up a prize of $1,000 Wowww!!  Please go to my Facebook Page and like it for all the information and updates on this competition. It will be held at the Malaga Markets on Sunday nights starting on the 7th of January. You can … Read more

HELLO I’m Tereza your host WELCOME to my website!

Welcome to my website.  Hi there my name is Tereza.  I am a professional Karaoke Host and vocal artist.  Check out my Gig Guide Page above for more information.  Please like my page on FACEBOOK as it's where all the action happens. I'm proud to say that Twenty … Read more


Isn't it wonderful to see some of our TALENTED singers on television shows like THE VOICE and the X FACTOR! Recently we seen Paula and Clay with their comeback as duo "Aviida", then Jeremy who won the Malaga Markets competition, Tangaroha known as "Big T" is giving the X Factor the what for, yes … Read more

News…..Impersonation shows to be regular events at the Whale and Ale and Cornerstone Pubs!

Next show is on a Saturday Night at the Whale and Ale in Clarkson on the 16th of AUGUST!  Don't miss it!   8-12pmFor information and dates of the next impersonation show message Tereza on facebook or call 0418 957 866. Don't miss these shows they are the bomb!  … Read more

WHAT A GREAT SUCCESS our Impersonator Show was!

CONGRATULATIONS to all the wonderfully talented performers who impersonated some of the best rock stars! Well Done to you all!! Thank you to the great audience. A packed house! Watch the video on U Tube of the Twelve performers. There's a great photo album on our Facebook Page at Soul Sounds … Read more

Well the Finals of the Finalist’s Karaoke Champions Competition was a great success with Jeremy taking off the $1,000 Prize!

Check out the video of the show. Congratulations to Kayleigh for coming runner up. … Read more

The FINALISTS OF MALAGA MARKETS! Adrienne (right) took home the $1,000 Prize!

Well it was a big one again folks and the talent was amazing, the audience filled the whole room and every seat available, were cheering loudly and we were all taken back by the high standard of performers! The market closed the bookings for tables well before the day! First prize went to Adrienne … Read more

Paula Parore our local Kiwi Girl makes it onto the t.v. show…”The Voice”! on the above link (or copy and paste) or go over to the facebook page, to watch Paula Parore sing on the television show "The Voice" and make the judges stand up! Paula sings Adele's song "Don't you remember" and makes your hair stand … Read more

Paula Parore our local girl here in Butler has made it onto the T.V. show “The Voice”!!! Don’t miss it!

   PAULA PETERA  is a local girl from our shows at the CornerStone and the Whale and Ale Tavern's for the past few years and quite reguarly visits us with her awesome husband Clay Petera. They pump out a few solo's and duets to make us just go mad!  The talent these two have is just something you … Read more